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"The goal of making the longest Palm Tree row in the world"

"The goal of making the longest Palm Tree row in the world" Dream of a young man The interest of thousands of people has sparked drowsiness. Where the obstacles are there success, where the dream is full, why to say this? Many things have come out of the beginning, so many things have come to mind so far. Still no day was frustrated. Many of those who were with me in the beginning did not exist today. Maybe they feel sorry now but they can not say anything. So do not be frustrated for them. Because I do not like it. For us, we are all sincerely sweetheart. Let us all do this great work together.And the newcomers, at any time, take part in this wonderful work with us any time, you can be one of us. I want to say this here with a hadith that our work is really good. "It is a charity for a man, no animal, and any bird that he eats from the Muslim planted tree." (Sahih al-Bukhari 2320, Muslim 1552)

This is the first time I started this work on September 19, 2014. The most painful year for me is this. I got Heart disease this year. But I did not stop working. This year, 20 kilos meter palm tree is planted on two sides of the road. With The upazila chairman, Member, woman Member, the headmaster of the primary school, And we have 20 friends.

I will hide the trouble. This year was more painful. However, we plant 10 kms of trees. Just do not miss the mission.

This year we add 10 more friends with us. Our work became easier. This year 18 kms of palm tree plantation has been planted.

Interesting 4th year many moved away from this great work. I did not backpack. Never lose heart. With my father, I planted trees on the 10km road site. Never learned to lose.

This year our happiness time. I was promoting Facebook. Many friends kept their hands with us. This is how our continuous work is coming out. We have completed planting trees in more than 70 kilometers of roads. That's how our work will be. We will fulfill our goal "to make the longest plam tree row in the world". InshaAllah

6th year
Plantation of Trees in Home with 10 kilometers palm tree both said of Village Road on Friday 16th August 2019. We are satisfied of our Work Plan.  

If you want to see of 6th-year work please Click here: https://sceneryartschool.blogspot.com/2019/08/plantation-of-trees-in-home-on-friday.html

We want you to dream in our dreams and work with us. Stay with us even if you are on the other side of Bangladesh. Because of us '' The gole of creating the longest tunnel plam tree row in the world'' Not just that! "A tree may shield your life" Just what we will put in the palm tree? No, we gave you fruit trees in 200 homes. Therefore, we are responsible for the care and maintenance of all trees. We have done this noble courage to protect the environment in the earth. It's not just for the sake of complete social service and after-service, not for myself. We all know that the tree is our friend, because those who do not believe in God also live by breathing from this tree. Your good work can make your life worthwhile. The fun of doing good is different. Sirajganj Ajagor brother does not say anything about him. Talking to him broke a big mistake in my life. I asked him, "Brother, you plant trees that are used to cut branches, leaves, trees or even trees." He replied that they are surely benefiting from this, and my purpose is to benefit them. This is my pleasure. That day I realized how big a man could be. So, the result of our efforts is that millions of people will enjoy and that is your worth. You can be fully cooperative with us. Invite me to invite you again.   I wish this will be good.

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