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At the beginning of the end

let's go telling a love story at first in my life.

i am something good student, i overtake the class five, first attend class six, i was see a slim nice girl har name is Reksona, so to be i like her, i asking him you are doing love aneone. he answerd me, i don't late i tell, you can't love me? i like you for my full life. he is don't say! School holidays have occurred. we are go to my self home. She does not come to school for several days today. one week after we are some friend together go to her home. we saw she is mother has to do cooking. i asked, where reksona? she tell, She is the father-in-law's house, i am erect stand there. i think my love finished Here. then don't
Never see with Reksona.

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