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The Traffic Police 
Amidst killer speeds I stand
 Facing the traffic, stretching my hand.
 I am seen on kids books and as cartoons everywhere 
Educating people and asking them to beware
Of the erratic traffic and the signboards
Seen on almost all the roads. 
So that you're safe I see each one of you
 But my sweat, my plight on the road sees who?
 Be it sunny or rainy, For your safety I must be
 Vigil and agile, on the middle 
Standing erect, as fit as a fiddle.
 Oh! My ear hurts! Oh! My head aches!
 Oh! Look at the weather…......such unpredictable days!
 But I cannot swerve; I must be on duty.
I care for your safety.
 Be it noisy or dusty;  Be it sunny or rainy;
 I must be on duty. I care for your safety. 

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